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Punk Kira R

Rating: 8.00

Kira R pees and fingers herself until she reaches the climax

The punk Kira R stands in front of the toilet and feels really horny – she doesn't know what she shall do now! She rubs her pussy through the tight shorts and further increases her lechery. But she has to pee very urgently too! So she takes off her shorts and stands atop of the toilet bowl now. She cannot stop and continues to rub her sexy pussy – while the pee starts to leave her tight hole! She wants to feel more comfortable so she takes off her top too. Now the real fun can start! Standing on the toilet bowl she masturbates until she reaches the climax! Because she also pees while doing so she leaves a really mess behind her... But she doesn't care about!


Anna Teilor
Anna Teilor urgently has to pee...!
Oops! Pissed in jeans!
Everything messed up with pee
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